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All Tree & Hedge and Landscaping Services Available from LW Tree and Hedge Care. Cambridge and surrounding areas


Our services at a glance:

All tree services available, Tree Pruning, Tree Crowning (Thin, Lift, Top), Tree Felling, Tree Topping, Stump Removal/Grinding down, all roots removed, Fruit trees pruned, Conifers trimmed and lowered. Hedges Trimmed, Thinned & Removed, Shrubs & Bushes Trimmed/shaped.

Landscaping Services: Fencing, Garden paths, steps, supply of materials like Gravel, also, supplied and laid, Wood chips supplied and laid, Garden Clearance.

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Tree Care Services

We deal with all aspects of Tree Care

Tree Pruning: Pruning is a horticultural and arboricultural practice involving the selective removal of certain parts of a tree, such as branches. The practice is used to make a tree safe.

Crown Thinning. 

Crown Lifting. 

Crown Reductions.

Tree Felling 

Tree Topping

All tree waste is Removed / used or recycled.

Tree Crown Thinning/lifting/reductions is a process that involves removing a number of secondary branches in a way that produces a balanced crown structure.

our aim is to altering the overall size or shape of the tree in order to prevent long term damage to the tree or reduce the danger overhang of tree branches. 

Removal of tree stumps is an extra service (Not included in tree removal, so there may be an additional charge for removing the stump)

Landscaping Services

We provide a full range of Landscaping Services.

We provide a garden clearance service.

We cover all aspects of gardening:

Tree care & also tree removal, if necessary

Hedgerows trimmed or removed.

Shrubs trimmed/shaped

Turfing - lawns laid

Gravel supplied and laid

Wood Chips supplied and laid

Sheds dismantled/removed

Fencing installed

We use a variety of materials in our landscaping projects.

Driveway Cleaning Service


We provide a full pressure washing service for driveways, paths and patios.

Block Paving Maintenance

For Block Paving, we also provide a sand and seal service.

Other Cleaning Services Available

Decking cleaned and treated

Patios cleaned and sealed.

All Landscaping Services Available - Fence Installations, Turfing Laid, Patios Installed.

 Landscaping Services

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We are based in Cambridge and cover the surrounding areas.

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.

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